Each October, for 25 years, leading artists nationwide turn Bethesda Row’s Arts and Entertainment District into an outdoor art gallery, featuring juried fine arts and fine crafts. “Art Fair Sourcebook” has recognized the Bethesda Row Arts Festival (BRAF) as one of the top 30 Fine Art Shows in the United States, attracting more than 25,000 art patrons over the two-day event.

October 14-15, 2023

Bethesda, MD

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The festival attracts high income attendees from the Washington, DC Metro Area, and the surrounding suburbs of Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Upper Northwest. The three mile radius around the Festival has an average household income of $196,910, making it one of the nation’s most affluent and educated art marketplaces.

The event is promoted through a targeted and integrated marketing plan, which includes a comprehensive social media and internet campaign, magazine and newspaper advertising, postcards and posters, and radio promotion. Our public relation firm works with the local chamber of commerce and urban district to engage the community, and reach out to new audiences.

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2022 Winners

  1. Mixed Media 2D
    Winner: BEST IN SHOW ($2000 Prize), and Best in Category
    Amanda OutcaltI create shaped intaglio copper plates that I make through a process of drawing, etching, and sawing...
  2. Photography
    Winner: Best in Category
    Andrew Sovjani PhotographyAndrew SovjaniI use alchemy in a hybrid analog/digital technique to create chemically altered prints from B&W film
  3. Digital Art
    Winner: Best in Category
    No Constraint DesignsBryane BroadieI blend my skills in graphic design and love of mixed media, bringing about a perfect marriage of my...
  4. Mixed Media 3D
    Winner: OVERALL THIRD PLACE ($1,000 prize), and Best in Category
    Chris Rom + Geoff BuddieOur interactive artwork - made with wood+milk paint, paint on paper, rubber, metal, and other humble...
  5. Mixed Media 2D
    Winner: Special Mention
    Derek Christensen ArtDerek ChristensenMy work is made from vintage license plates.
  6. Sculpture
    Winner: Best in Category
    GM WebbI use Aluminum and Copper in 40 colors. Sculptures Include 400-800 wire strands of various lengths &...
  7. Metalwork
    Winner: Best in Category
    Jay KimAfter shaping bass sheet by hand hammering, patinate with torch flame or mineral salt, and engrave w...
  8. Drawing/Pastels
    Winner: Special Mention
    Jeff PenderEach work is had drawn using a combination of graphite, colored pencil, ruler and sometimes a compas...
  9. Fiber - Wearable
    Winner: Best in Category
    K.Gereau TextilesKristin GereauI combine knitting, felting, and hand dyeing to create innovative 3-dimensional sculptural scarves.
  10. Ceramics
    Winner: Best in Category
    artedluisLuis Enrique GutierrezMy ceramic sculpture is a blending of my Nicoyan Indian heritage and my contemporary innovations.
  11. Wood
    Winner: Best in Category
    Mamalu WoodLuis GonzalezUsing different types of salvaged wood, and utilize a variety of wood sculpting methods and painting...
  12. Oil/Acrylic
    Winner: OVERALL SECOND PLACE ($1,500 prize), and Best in Category
    Matthew Miller Fine ArtMatthew MillerI paint a variety of household items in oil, striving for realism. I aim to achieve a sense of nosta...
  13. Graphics & Printmaking
    Winner: Best in Category
    Michael NemnichMy monoprints are created using collagraph plates and various materials. These are combined and prin...
  14. Jewelry
    Winner: Best in Category
    Oliver SchnoorI am a contemporary jewelry artist that uses traditional metalsmithing techniques as well as modern ...
  15. Oil/Acrylic
    Winner: Special Mention
    Patrick SeufertAll of my work is painted on canvas and is custom framed. I do not paint over top of photos, everyth...
  16. Fiber - Decorative
    Winner: Best in Category
    The African HutPetty Shepard and Mary OtienoWoven from wild straw. Dyes are from flowers and nuts. Woven from bottom up interchanging straws to ...
  17. Drawing/Pastels
    Winner: Best in Category
    R. Michael WommackSoft pastel on paper, based on dreams and memories of growing up in suburbia
  18. Glass
    Winner: Best in Category
    Wesley RaskoPainted, laminated and cut glass in combination with cast glass, optical crystal and exotic stone.
  19. Watercolor
    Winner: Best in Category
    William Kwamena-PohWatercolor scenes of Ghana, W. Africa, my home country, using the dry brush technique


Our incredible jury of local artists (with national reputations) will select award winners in each artistic discipline, and award a grand prizes for Best of Show. Award winners will be announced the morning of October 9.




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