The Bethesda Row Arts Festival is one of the leading fine arts and craft festivals in the mid-Atlantic, featuring juried museum-quality artists. Over the weekend, the streets of Bethesda Row are transformed into an outdoor gallery, showcasing fourteen media categories that are juried: ceramics, drawing/pastels, fiber/decorative, fiber/wearables, glass, graphics/printmaking, jewelry, metalwork, mixed media 2D, mixed media 3D, oil/acrylic painting, photography/digital art, sculpture, watercolor, and wood.

Saturday, October 14 from 11:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday, October 15 from 10:00am to 5:00pm

October 14-15, 2023

Bethesda, MD

2023 Artists


Artist's Medium
Artist Niches
  1. Jewelry
    Untamed HeartsYuliya BernadskyIndustrial Chic esthetics where Glamour Meets Industrial. Using brushed silver & gold + crystals to ...
    Located at Booth B34
  2. Jewelry
    Wiwat KamolpornwijitPolymer clay. Techniques include hand-forming, caning, piercing, engraving, layering, needle brushin...
    Located at Booth E26
  3. Wood
    Silhouette StudioWoody Smith and Judy SmithThe Silhouettes are Individually hand cut from imported wood using a dremmel and scroll saw then san...
    Located at Booth N27
  4. Glass
    William OrtmanAll work is made at 2000 degrees. I make layers of glass pieces called murrine. Once those are compl...
    Located at Booth E21
  5. Watercolor
    William Kwamena-PohWatercolor scenes of Ghana, W. Africa, my home country, using the dry brush technique.
    Located at Booths E1-2
  6. Oil/Acrylic
    Veronica Vale | ArtVeronica ValeStylized landscape paintings using acrylic paint, metallic paint, and pen and ink on canvas.
    Located at Booth E13
  7. Oil/Acrylic
    Wendy FranklinHighly saturated color created in high quality oils on a specially prepared, smooth canvas. Sheer la...
    Located at Booth E27
  8. Fiber - Wearable
    Yellowcake ShopValerie Mayen and Kira HeeleyWe make handmade women's clothing with keen attention to detail, superior construction, & timeless d...
    Located at Booth S16
  9. Oil/Acrylic
    Valerie RomanoAcrylic painting in pointillist technique enhanced with stippled ink drawing to create vibrant color...
    Located at Booth B17
  10. Sculpture
    Resident DesignTristan SoppI design 3D digital models and translate it into 2D pieces. I cut out the pieces from cardstock and ...
    Located at Booth B23
  11. Mixed Media 2D
    Tyler Voorhees ArtTyler VoorheesTorn bits of kraft paper are collaged, painted, and affixed to wood panels to create scenes depictin...
    Located at Booth N12
  12. Sculpture
    Wargin SculptureThomas WarginOne of a kind cast and fabricated bronze/aluminum with patina heat induced coloring
    Located at Booth B40
  13. Jewelry
    Tracey Timmons JewelryTracey TimmonsMy work embodies single release pieces and mini-collections from precious metals and semi-precious s...
    Located at Booth N8
  14. Mixed Media 3D
    Sherwood Forest DesignSoli PierceHand-turned hand-painted functional maple bowls. In galleries and museums as functional art. Painted...
    Located at Booth B45
  15. Fiber - Wearable
    Susan OttersonHandcrafted knitwear and clothing using plaiting, piecing and other sewn elements, with merino wool,...
    Located at Booth E10
  16. Fiber - Decorative
    Sharon TesserSharon TesserNot a painting! Fabric collage created entirely from tiny pieces of recycled and hand dyed fabric. T...
    Located at Booths B1-3
  17. Fiber - Wearable
    Shekina Designs Hand Painted SilksShekina RudoyEvery garment starts out as white silk fabric stretched onto frames. Hand painted w dyes/brushes, th...
    Located at Booth S30
  18. Digital Art
    ArtephaxScott MatyjaszekI use mathematical algorithms (fractal) & neural networking (AI) and to create my images. I also use...
    Located at Booth B6
  19. Fiber - Wearable
    MAAC LLCSelma KaracaI make each piece by hand at my studio from a one long fabric ribbon that I cut out and spiral aroun...
    Located at Booth N14
  20. Glass
    Internal Fire GlassScott HronichPlaying in the realm of optics and physics within glass, I create 3 dimensional worlds. Whether it's...
    Located at Booth E18
  21. Mixed Media 2D
    ArtephaxScott MatyjaszekOriginal photos of naturally "found" subject matter which are HAND-CUT, LAYERED (with various plasti...
    Located at Booth B6
  22. Fiber - Decorative
    Sandi Garris FibersSandi GarrisMultiple layers. Acrylic on translucent silk over sub image printed with thickened dyes on paper. I ...
    Located at Booth B8
  23. Watercolor
    SamuelsartSang KimOriental water color painting on rice paper
    Located at Booth B37
  24. Photography
    CANTRA PhotographyRyan FeipelMedium format photography specializing in long exposure and abstract works. All images are limited e...
    Located at Booth B21
  25. Metalwork
    Slattery's CreationsRyan SlatteryI TIG weld stainless steel recycled pieces to create mosaic sculptures & furniture. I then grind & p...
    Located at Booths N18-19
  26. Wood
    Ronald LentzMy work is created from fine woods enhanced with sculptured reliefs, and organic Intaglio or pyrogra...
    Located at Booth S23
  27. Mixed Media 3D
    Ruth Becker ArtRuth BeckerI create works of layered cut paper & plywood. Works are laser-cut, hand-assembled, & mounted to a p...
    Located at Booth B22
  28. Mixed Media 2D
    Rebecca JonesI work in acrylics and added materials on gessoed wood and paper, using the texture of the gesso to ...
    Located at Booth N35
  29. Drawing/Pastels
    Richard Wilson Fine Arts & Graphics Inc.Richard WilsonI sketch w/ hard pastels on primed board or paper. Includes layers of sand mixed w/ gesso to add tex...
    Located at Booths N16-17
  30. Wood
    Sankora StudiosR.C. SanfordSustainably sourced hardwoods and art glass are combined using traditional joinery to create light s...
    Located at Booth E33
  31. Jewelry
    Reagan HayhurstI create one-of-a-kind hollow-form wearable sculptures. Each piece is crafted using traditional tech...
    Located at Booth E4
  32. Sculpture
    Paul Braun StudiosPaul BraunHand carved sculpture created from domestic and exotic stone.
    Located at Booth E30
  33. Drawing/Pastels
    R. Michael WommackSoft pastel on paper, based on dreams and memories of growing up in suburbia
    Located at Booth B31
  34. Graphics & Printmaking
    Nicole ParkerI'm a printmaker specializing in copperplate intaglio. All of my prints are original, and are etched...
    Located at Booth S25
  35. Oil/Acrylic
    Patrick SeufertAll of my work is painted on canvas and is custom framed. I do not paint over top of photos, everyth...
    Located at Booth B46
  36. Wood
    Nicholas BarnesI get wood off my Appalachian home and complete a wood turning. I then inlay that turning with desig...
    Located at Booth E36
  37. Mixed Media 2D
    Nickolai WalkoI use masking tape not for its original intentions, but more so to produce high contrast, intricate,...
    Located at Booth B36
  38. Ceramics
    Naomi Nickerson CeramicsNaomi NickersonArtist made slipcast and altered sculptures and vessels in the shapes of animals. Fired to cone six ...
    Located at Booth B10
  39. Fiber - Wearable
    Haus of JungNatalia MaurerAge-old leatherworking techniques with various hand tools include saddle-stitching, tooling, wet-mol...
    Located at Booth E35
  40. Oil/Acrylic
    Iversen Fine ArtMonica IversenI paint from life laying in layers of glaze over an underpainting. My conceptual oil paintings depic...
    Located at Booth N23
  41. Oil/Acrylic
    Montressa Hammond and Stroke of ArtStroke induced art movement with no prior art background. I paint what I see or want to see not sure...
    Located at Booth B53
  42. Metalwork
    Things of SteelMichelle Zorich and Katherine MartinSteel is cleaned, cut, sanded, bent, welded, sanded, cleaned and finished in patina and/or paint.
    Located at Booths E142
  43. Metalwork
    Mike Sluder MetalworksMike SluderI use the age-old lost wax casting process to create contemporary bronze vessels and sculptures.
    Located at Booth N26
  44. Jewelry
    Michel PlumailWe cut & solder seamlessly pieces of silver, different color gold alloys & copper with flush set sto...
    Located at Booth B9
  45. Jewelry
    Michele FriedmanFabricated jewelry in sterling, 18k Bi-metal & WOOL. I developed a technique to incorporate color, p...
    Located at Booth S8
  46. Photography
    Michael ChenMy mission is to use my lens to capture the beauty of the landscapes and the cultures of the world.
    Located at Booth N33
  47. Graphics & Printmaking
    Michael NemnichMy monoprints are created using collagraph plates and various materials. These are combined and prin...
    Located at Booth S2
  48. Jewelry
    Melissa FegoDistinctively hand-crafted statement Jewelry designed using rare natural semi-precious gemstones & f...
    Located at Booth E19
  49. Sculpture
    Sculpture by Michael AlfanoMichael AlfanoI create my sculptures in clay, make a mold, and cast them in different materials including bronze, ...
    Located at Booth N9
  50. Oil/Acrylic
    Matthew Miller Fine ArtMatthew MillerI paint a variety of household items in oil, striving for realism. I aim to achieve a sense of nosta...
    Located at Booths E147
  51. Jewelry
    Meghan Patrice RileyMeghan RileyLight and collapsible jewelry fabricated from flexible stainless steel cable mixed with fine metals ...
    Located at Booth S17
  52. Glass
    Marlene Rose and Thomas Coates, Katlin ValenaOne-of-a-kind sandcast glass sculpture created by pouring 2000 degree molten glass into a special sa...
    Located at Booths E145-146
  53. Mixed Media 3D
    Mary MillerAfter assembling soulfully worn found objects, I add tiles created from encaustic wax embedded with ...
    Located at Booth S26
  54. Oil/Acrylic
    MARIROSA FINE ARTMarirosa Hofmann2D Mixed Media W/ 6-10 layers of acrylic, oil & enamel spray paints, collaged papers and textured me...
    Located at Booth E37
  55. Digital Art
    Marjolyn van der HartImagery created with collage of digitally manipulated found ephemera, acrylic paint/printmaking and ...
    Located at Booth B15
  56. Sculpture
    Marcy BatesAfter creating a design by hand, without using a computer, I transcribe it to a recycled book. Pages...
    Located at Booth N24
  57. Watercolor
    Margaret ThornI specialize in hyper-realistic watercolors. My paintings are whimsical and joyful still life studie...
    Located at Booths E143
  58. Wood
    Mamalu WoodLuis GonzalezUsing different types of salvaged wood, and utilize a variety of wood sculpting methods and painting...
    Located at Booth B32
  59. Oil/Acrylic
    Luke StretarOriginal oil paintings on canvas
    Located at Booth N31
  60. Ceramics
    Lisa ZolandzWheel thrown porcelain with metallic and crystalline glazes that I have developed. Fired to cone 10,...
    Located at Booth N2
  61. Ceramics
    artedluisLuis Enrique GutierrezMy ceramic sculpture is a blending of my Nicoyan Indian heritage and my contemporary innovations.
    Located at Booth S1
  62. Fiber - Wearable
    beebop & wallyLisa Green and Ravi MarimuthuRetro with a modern edge. we create every design, pattern and marker.
    Located at Booth N4
  63. Ceramics
    Ljakobsberg CeramicsLisa Jakobsberg and Pauline JakobsbergMother and daughter present wheel-thrown and hand-built ceramic objects and hand-pulled original pri...
    Located at Booth S14
  64. Sculpture
    Sculptures by Lewis TardyLewis TardyI use an assortment of rescued discarded parts and materials as a building block for my characters.
    Located at Booth B20
  65. Jewelry
    Blackwing MetalsLisa CiminoLathe turned, hand carved and hand fabricated jewelry using sterling silver, custom brass and gold. ...
    Located at Booth S10
  66. Mixed Media 3D
    Evergreen MountainLaurie and Gerland WilhiteWe use hand cast acrylics, stone, antler, metal and more to make one of a kind writing tools. We des...
    Located at Booth N30
  67. Oil/Acrylic
    LEE MEE Art & DesignLetitia LeeOils, Acrylics, contrasting colors and lines on canvas to create dynamic movement. Bold strokes with...
    Located at Booth B43
  68. Ceramics
    Laura OldhamI use two types of clay to create wheel thrown or slab forms. I hand paint the surfaces of my pieces...
    Located at Booth E31
  69. Jewelry
    Lauren Boyle JewelryLauren BoyleLauren Boyle Jewelry uses sterling silver and natural gemstones in combination with southwestern sta...
    Located at Booth B19
  70. Fiber - Wearable
    Larry ClarkeI am third generation in the art of making leather. I design my own patterns. That I hand of the fin...
    Located at Booths B27-29
  71. Sculpture
    Turtlepoint Driftwood LLCLarry RinggoldDriftwood from the Chesapeake watershed is assembled to form a multitude of creatures from the natur...
    Located at Booth E15
  72. Ceramics
    Lana HeckendornPatterns are hand-drawn using underglazes and wax resist, and glazes are layered with a mask-and-res...
    Located at Booth E3
  73. Fiber - Decorative
    Green Earth Woven ArtsLarisa WarholMy goal as a basket weaver is to create functional art.I use a variety of different weaving techniqu...
    Located at Booth E9
  74. Fiber - Wearable
    K.Gereau TextilesKristin GereauI combine knitting, felting, and hand dyeing to create innovative 3-dimensional sculptural scarves.
    Located at Booth N39
  75. Drawing/Pastels
    Kristin Moger ArtKristin MogerMy exquisitely patterned drawings of animals & nature are created with Micron ink on paper. A mixtur...
    Located at Booth N34
  76. Mixed Media 3D
    Steel & GrainKevin ScheimreifI design and create custom furniture pieces using locally sourced wood combined with the strong eleg...
    Located at Booth E16
  77. Fiber - Decorative
    Kiersten HeitmannA contemporary combination of vintage silks, satins and free flow stitch work create a true one of a...
    Located at Booth B7
  78. Digital Art
    Along the Lines ArtKenneth KudulisMy work blends illustration and classic painting techniques to create a mid-century modern aesthetic...
    Located at Booths S19-20
  79. Watercolor
    Kevin ChenI use brushes freely with ink and colors extracted mostly from natural material to paint on the silk...
    Located at Booth E29
  80. Oil/Acrylic
    Julia GilmoreWith oil paint & palette knife I create paintings that interpret the everyday world. Art that genera...
    Located at Booth E34
  81. Mixed Media 2D
    Kate MorganOriginal drawing cut out & collaged with antique/vintage papers. Shading with ink, watercolor washes...
    Located at Booth S29
  82. Graphics & Printmaking
    Joseph EnglishI continue to experiment with silkscreen process; hand cutting lacquer stencils, custom mixing oil b...
    Located at Booth B55
  83. Glass
    Joshua SolomonI capture the dynamic nature of glass as an elemental medium. Through blowing while molten and carvi...
    Located at Booth S21
  84. Oil/Acrylic
    Jon Bandish ArtJon BandishMy work centers on appreciation of nature, showing beach landscapes, coastal life, and sea views. No...
    Located at Booth N25
  85. Oil/Acrylic
    Jon Smith Original Oil PaintingsJon SmithOil on canvas. I use color and light to define the interplay of forms where I only hint at details.
    Located at Booth E24
  86. Sculpture
    John DenisI hand carve forms in plaster or build armatures. I then layer the forms with glass and acrylic . Fi...
    Located at Booth B49
  87. Wood
    J. C. Sterling Fine FurnitureJohn SterlingContemporary furniture made using responsibly sourced hardwoods. Constructed using traditional joine...
    Located at Booth B38
  88. Photography
    Joe Hiltabidel PhotographyJoe HiltabidelI create long exposure minimalist scenes using negative space, giving viewers calm in lieu of chaos....
    Located at Booth B51
  89. Photography
    Joel AndersonRichly detailed, sepia-toned silver gelatin photographs printed individually by hand from medium for...
    Located at Booth E20
  90. Drawing/Pastels
    Good Goose GraphicsJessica MichettiI create drawings of birds first by sketching in graphite, then transferring my sketch to hot-presse...
    Located at Booth N15
  91. Oil/Acrylic
    Jill Banks Art Ltd.Jill BanksI paint in fine quality artists' oils on linen. Work is primarily created from life, joyfully, in th...
    Located at Booth S27
  92. Fiber - Wearable
    Jessica JoyHandmade Handbags. Hand cut patterns constructed with impeccable craftsmanship. Custom made with uph...
    Located at Booth E22
  93. Oil/Acrylic
    Jessica Stoddart-LaddJessica Ladd and Jon Ladd, Elin LaddOil paintings on wood panel. Rich in color & minimalism, the anonymity of familiar subjects encites ...
    Located at Booth B18
  94. Photography
    Tiny People Big LaughsJesper JohansenI use 1:87 scale (1/2") train model figures placed with everyday items. I use natural light only and...
    Located at Booth N28
  95. Photography
    Jesse MechlingMy photography is printed on aluminum, canvas and archival photo paper. I print images in both color...
    Located at Booth B26
  96. Fiber - Wearable
    Akese StylelinesJennifer Akese-BurneyI'm obsessed with fabric manipulation! I love vibrant colors, bold print, silhouette, textures! I cr...
    Located at Booth B44
  97. Graphics & Printmaking
    J Pop StudiosJenny PopeI make color reduction woodcuts all hand carved and printed on a hand crank etching press. My subjec...
    Located at Booth N13
  98. Drawing/Pastels
    Jeff PenderEach work is had drawn using a combination of graphite, colored pencil, ruler and sometimes a compas...
    Located at Booth S6
  99. Drawing/Pastels
    Jeffrey CannonSoft pastels, blended with fingers, layered on archival paper surfaces.
    Located at Booth E38
  100. Digital Art
    JD Dennison LLCJD DennisonI use negatives of images and mirror them across different axes to create beautiful patterns out of ...
    Located at Booth N3
  101. Photography
    Jeff Kuhlman Photographs are hand printed cyanotypes from the artists negatives in limited editions, all darkroom...
    Located at Booth N7
  102. Metalwork
    Jay KimAfter shaping bass sheet by hand hammering, patinate with torch flame or mineral salt, and engrave w...
    Located at Booth S7
  103. Jewelry
    Jay Nielsen JewelryJay NielsenHand fabrication using high karat gold and sterling silver...cutting, forming, and connecting precio...
    Located at Booth E6
  104. Jewelry
    Jason McLeodI work with precious metals and gemstones using hand fabrication techniques including forming, solde...
    Located at Booth E32
  105. Jewelry
    Jacqueline LapuckMy designs are made to make you smile/add meaning. I use 14kt gold/precious stones. I handsketch all...
    Located at Booth S15
  106. Photography
    James McArthur Cole PhotographyJames ColePhotograph with my Nikon Z9. Print on my Canon Pro4100. Create a wood board. Adhere photo to the boa...
    Located at Booth N11
  107. Sculpture
    GM WebbI use Aluminum and Copper in 40 colors. Sculptures Include 400-800 wire strands of various lengths &...
    Located at Booth S5
  108. Fiber - Wearable
    Heidi HessAthluxury with a hint of knit! Handloomed to perfection. A collection of luxury live-in clothing. Al...
    Located at Booth N21
  109. Mixed Media 3D
    Mondo ArtGerardo LecceseWall art done using wood,plaster,acrylic paint,my photos.the result are unique pieces with bold colo...
    Located at Booth B25
  110. Ceramics
    Glen WoodsThe focus of our work is inspired by objects found in nature. Each piece is created from fine porcel...
    Located at Booth E7
  111. Glass
    Suter Design & CoFenny SuterI employ the traditional copper foil process for my work. Glass first is hand cut into desired shape...
    Located at Booth S11
  112. Glass
    Stained Glass by KibErnest KiblerService-Disabled Veterans glass artist who practices in various forms of stained glass/modern fused ...
    Located at Booth B12
  113. Watercolor
    Heitmann ARTEric HeitmannRaw fiber, organic color and natural motion gives emphasis on what’s uniquely true. Reducing the r...
    Located at Booth B5
  114. Mixed Media 2D
    Bay Fibers Studio BatiksEric JacksonHand waxed and dyed batik art. Each design is executed through layers of a soy/ beeswax blend, follo...
    Located at Booth B42
  115. Mixed Media 2D
    Hull Street StudioErica RegelinMatted, framed paper cuts combine modern papercutting backed with a riot of color made from hand-pai...
    Located at Booth N5
  116. Sculpture
    Art by Elliott HubbardElliott HubbardDogwood arts Festival, Port Clinton Chicago, Decatur Arts etc...
    Located at Booth N32
  117. Oil/Acrylic
    Collins CollectiveEmily KulzeEmily sees creativity as a spiritual gift that brings clarity to her inner self, but also allows her...
    Located at Booth B24
  118. Digital Art
    Eric ClayAnthropomorphic imagery created by combining historic portraits with my own animal photography. Prin...
    Located at Booth S24
  119. Jewelry
    E. Douglas WunderMy jewelry involves original designs with mixed metal components. The parts are hand cut then arrang...
    Located at Booth N1
  120. Oil/Acrylic
    Elaine Thompson ArtElaine ThompsonI create original oil paintings on canvas. The whimsical themes and characters are based on my own s...
    Located at Booth N37
  121. Mixed Media 2D
    The Freckled ArmyElissa BrownDioramic illustration combining mixed media, acrylic, & wood. Hand drawn, carved, & layered characte...
    Located at Booth E12
  122. Oil/Acrylic
    Devin FengOil on canvas. The style is realism and impressionism.
    Located at Booth N22
  123. Sculpture
    Domenico BelliContemporary large metal sculptures fabricated with stainless steel, Cor-Ten steel and patinated bro...
    Located at Booths B2-4
  124. Wood
    Nash's Fine WoodworkingDavrill NashUsing traditional joints and technique and my carving skills. I have been created fine furniture for...
    Located at Booth S31
  125. Ceramics
    dd xyThere is no intention on the wheel, just interrupted rhythms of concentration and distraction, but t...
    Located at Booth S9
  126. Mixed Media 2D
    Derek Christensen ArtDerek ChristensenMy work is made from vintage license plates.
    Located at Booth B57
  127. Photography
    Skavich PhotoDavid SieczkiewiczMy imagery is captured by swimming in the ocean using a water housing to protect my camera. The hous...
    Located at Booth E14
  128. Mixed Media 3D
    DJs Art and DecorDavid Jackson and Monica IversenI create lighted sculptures from vintage and antique treasures. I combine pieces to tell a story and...
    Located at Booth E25
  129. Photography
    Four Crows PhotographyDavid MangelsOffering fine art landscape photography from around the United States and the world. Printed on arch...
    Located at Booth B39
  130. Watercolor
    Nuage Glace ArtsDanielle BjorndalenI use watercolor and gouache on watercolor paper, watercolor board, or thick recycled paper. I usual...
    Located at Booth E17
  131. Mixed Media 2D
    Daphne CovingtonMixed media works on paper. Oil paints, collage, and charcoal/pastel drawn gestures.
    Located at Booth S22
  132. Glass
    David BenyosefHand Blown Glass. Venetian inspired
    Located at Booth S4
  133. Photography
    Christos J. PaliosChristos PaliosPhotographs are captured in natural light, printed w/archival pigment & floated behind Museum Glass....
    Located at Booths E144
  134. Photography
    FLYPAPER ChicagoClifton HenriDocumentary style, photo based work, shot digitally using traditional techniques and multiple image ...
    Located at Booths B28-30
  135. Oil/Acrylic
    Damon PlaLandscape and surreal acrylic paintings largely inspired by ambient music and the late afternoon lig...
    Located at Booth N10
  136. Sculpture
    Bitti Bots!Cheri Kudja-RhodigI create unique & fun one of a kind robots using vintage, recycled, found or re-purposed objects for...
    Located at Booth S28
  137. Graphics & Printmaking
    Chris CharlesI create limited edition letterpress prints from carved linoleum blocks, hand-set wood and metal typ...
    Located at Booth E11
  138. Wood
    ChristinaBoy DesignChristina BoyOriginal pieces are and handmade from domestic wood using both modern and traditional techniques. Cl...
    Located at Booth E40
  139. Metalwork
    Studio157Cathy VaughnI make abstract wall panels on copper using live leaves and found materials to make art. Images are ...
    Located at Booth E39
  140. Sculpture
    C.A. Johnson SculptureCharles JohnsonSculpted in plasteline. Molds are made. Only 7 of each piece or grouping is cast as they are sold. M...
    Located at Booth S12
  141. Jewelry
    Chelsea E. Bird DesignsChelsea BirdMy silver jewelry is based on natural forms and clean simple lines. I use a variety of forming techn...
    Located at Booth B41
  142. Oil/Acrylic
    Carla BankMy work places less emphasis on gesture and brushstrokes in favor of an overall consistency of form ...
    Located at Booth B33
  143. Oil/Acrylic
    Villa Rosa Fine ArtCarol FastucaI use professional artists oil paints, brushes and palette knives on cradled wood panels to create m...
    Located at Booth B47
  144. Oil/Acrylic
    cassieart.comCassie TaggartI search for compelling juxtapositions through collage, then sketch and layer paint on canvas. I gla...
    Located at Booth N6
  145. Fiber - Wearable
    LaoDesignBounkhong SignavongMy artwork consists of one-of-a-kind textiles, all hand-made from naturally dyed silk and cotton. I ...
    Located at Booth B11
  146. Jewelry
    Britt AndersonI transform flat metal sheet into hollow sculptural forms using hammers, stakes, pliers and hands. F...
    Located at Booth B14
  147. Jewelry
    Carl Tanner DesignsCarl TannerWorld-renowned operatic tenor and local artist (Arlington Virginia) handcrafts Sterling, Argentium, ...
    Located at Booth N29
  148. Drawing/Pastels
    Bob FriedenbergExtremely detailed, whimsical, hand drawn B&W pen & ink. Smaller drawings/symbols/physics equations ...
    Located at Booth E28
  149. Mixed Media 3D
    Bob SternI create sculptures and cabinets that resemble the human form using upcycled materials and other coo...
    Located at Booth N36
  150. Sculpture
    Kramer SculpturesBoris KramerI heat and hand forge metal until it gives form to expressions of human energy as it engages and rel...
    Located at Booths S32-33
  151. Ceramics
    Jarjour PotteryBashar Jarjour and Roula JarjourVessels are wheel thrown. Most of them are hand carved. Glazed with brush. Fired in gas kiln with re...
    Located at Booth N20
  152. Mixed Media 2D
    Benjamin Frey ArtBenjamin FreyI draw with watercolor pencils over a background of inks, oils, acrylic, and found paper including a...
    Located at Booth E23
  153. Drawing/Pastels
    Blake GoreI create tiny art using primarily pen and ink on heavy weight Bristol paper. Often drawing inside on...
    Located at Booth E8
  154. Photography
    Andrew Sovjani PhotographyAndrew SovjaniI use alchemy in a hybrid analog/digital technique to create chemically altered prints from B&W film
    Located at Booth N38
  155. Jewelry
    Ashley Buchanan JewelryAshley BuchananIn my work, I hand-cut iconic jewelry silhouettes and motifs from brass & silver metals, then use th...
    Located at Booth S13
  156. Mixed Media 2D
    Ashley Sauder MillerI make mixed media work on paper, canvas, fabric, and panel with various found or discarded material...
    Located at Booth B16
  157. Fiber - Decorative
    Batik by AmitAmos AmitOriginal batiks on Egyptian cotton hot wax and dyes process. The wax act as resist on the fabric and...
    Located at Booth S3
  158. Mixed Media 3D
    ANA AAna BarraganPiñatex, (Vegan leather) & exotic recycled woods are my raw materials to create unique & one of a k...
    Located at Booth B35
  159. Photography
    Andrew RothMy photography is hand-printed on 100% cotton rag using the platinum/palladium print process. This N...
    Located at Booth E5
  160. Graphics & Printmaking
    Abigail WestLinocut prints, inspired by lived adventure and connection to nature. I translate the open-hearted f...
    Located at Booth B13
  161. Fiber - Wearable
    Blue Skies WorkroomAlyssa SalomonI make joyful, thoughtfully-designed, easy-to-wear garments & accessories, from yardage I screenprin...
    Located at Booth S18
  162. Mixed Media 2D
    Amanda OutcaltI create shaped intaglio copper plates that I make through a process of drawing, etching, and sawing...
    Located at Booth E41

Get Here



The show is two blocks from the Bethesda Metro Station (Red Line). At the top of the escalator, turn left through the bus terminal to Woodmont Avenue. Turn left on Woodmont and walk into the festival.


The public garage in the middle of the festival is accessible from Bethesda Avenue via Arlington Road, and other lots near the event are also open. Please do not park in private lots, or the lots of other businesses.


The Capital Crescent Trail crosses the show at the corner of Woodmont Avenue and Bethesda Avenue. There is plenty of bike parking throughout the show. Please do not block sidewalks or walkways.


Our incredible jury of local artists (with national reputations) will select award winners in each artistic discipline, and award a grand prizes for Best of Show. Award winners will be announced the morning of October 15.



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