Join us at the 24th Bethesda Row Arts Festival, the Washington, DC area’s premier outdoor fine arts festival. Over 165 artists from around the country will showcase their incredible works across four blocks — including painting, drawing, jewelry, photography, sculpture, fabric, glass, ceramics, wood, and many other mediums.

The event is free to attend, and family-friendly.

SAT., OCT. 8, 11:00 - 6:00
SUN., OCT. 9, 10:00 - 5:00

Bethesda, MD

For Artists

This page is updated regularly with information you need, including site map revisions, booth locations (when assigned), and our Welcome and Information Packet which has information about the show and loading procedures.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Jon Gann or Jim Taglauer at director@bethesdarowarts.org


Booth Locations

A list of booth locations and load-in times is below. Every care has been taken to honor booth request locations, and to place unique disciples throughout the show. 

Load-In Times

NEW for 2022. Each time slot has also been assigned a letter (A-P) indicating the order in which you will be allowed to drive into the show. The (L) and (R) indicates which side of the road your booth is located. Show up at the stated time; latecomers may need to enter the site later in the morning.

Because of construction closures, we have also added an 8:00 load-in time. You may also hand truck/dolly your materials at any time as long as your vehicle is parked outside of the show area and away from artists in queue. The show opens on Saturday at 11:00.

You may not change booth locations or load-in times without prior approval. 

Hotel Partner

We have a special room rate at the brand new Marriott Bethesda Downtown for $154 per night from Friday, October 7 through Tuesday, October 12.

To reserve a room at this rate, click here. The last day to make a room reservation is Friday, September 16.

Sales Tax

Individuals who do not have a permanent sales tax license are required to obtain a temporary license and collect a 6 percent or 9 percent sales and use tax for sales at various events such as craft shows and fairs. The temporary license lasts for 30 days. BRAF will provide the state with your contact information. In turn, the state will contact you. Bethesda Row Arts Festival is not responsible for reporting your tax information.


  1. Alex Hossick (Jewelry)E39 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - H (Left)
  2. Amanda Bean (Mixed Media 3D)B12 (10x10)
    load-in: 8:00AM - B (Left)
  3. Amanda Outcalt (Mixed Media 2D)E51 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - G (Left)
  4. Amelie Grooscors (Oil/Acrylic)W36 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - C (Right)
  5. Amos Amit (Fiber - Decorative)E83 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - A (Left)
  6. Andre Maiwald (Wood)W5 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - BB (Left)
  7. Andrew Sovjani (Photography)B29 (10x10)
    load-in: 8:00AM - E (Right)
  8. Angus Macaulay (Mixed Media 2D)B28 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - F1 (Left)
  9. Anu Narasimhan (Drawing/Pastels)E26 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - M (Left)
  10. Ashley Sauder Miller (Mixed Media 2D)W57 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - G (Left)
  11. Barbara Spraul (Oil/Acrylic)W38 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - D (Right)
  12. Barry Middleton (Mixed Media 2D)B13 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - C (Right)
  13. Bashar Jarjour (Ceramics)W2 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - BB (Left)
  14. Bill Donnelly (Drawing/Pastels)W1 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - AA (Right)
  15. Bob Friedenberg (Drawing/Pastels)E7 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - P (Left)
  16. Bob Stern (Mixed Media 3D)W17 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - EE (Right)
  17. Boris Kramer (Sculpture)W81-82 (10x20)
    load-in: 4:00AM - L (Right)
  18. Brenna McBroom (Ceramics)E57 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - F (Left)
  19. Britt Anderson (Jewelry)W43 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - D (Left)
  20. Bryane Broadie (Digital Art)B25 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - E (Right)
  21. Carl Tanner (Jewelry)W59 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - H (Left)
  22. Carla Bank (Oil/Acrylic)E9 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - P (Left)
  23. Carolyn Thome (Photography)W77 (10x10)
    load-in: 8:00AM - B (Left)
  24. Carrie Spence (Mixed Media 2D)W39 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - C (Left)
  25. Cathy Vaughn (Metalwork)B43 (10x10)
    load-in: 8:00AM - H (Left)
  26. Chris Charles (Graphics & Printmaking)E81 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - A (Left)
  27. Chris Rom + Geoff Buddie (Mixed Media 3D)E62 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - E (Right)
  28. Christina Boy (Wood)B39 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - H (Right)
  29. Christopher Doherty (Photography)E69 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - C (Left)
  30. Christos Palios (Photography)B14 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - D (Left)
  31. Daphne Covington (Mixed Media 2D)W7 (10x10)
    load-in: 8:00AM - CC (Right)
  32. Darren Olson (Photography)E48-50 (10x20)
    load-in: 5:00AM - G (Right)
  33. David Benyosef (Glass)E40 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - J (Right)
  34. David Oleski (Oil/Acrylic)B32-34 (10x20)
    load-in: 4:00AM - G (Left)
  35. David Sieczkiewicz (Photography)E37 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - K (Left)
  36. David Skinner (Oil/Acrylic)E55 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - F (Left)
  37. Davrill Nash (Wood)W78 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - M (Right)
  38. Debra Adelson (Jewelry)B24 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - F (Left)
  39. Derek Christensen (Mixed Media 2D)E71 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - D (Left)
  40. Domenico Belli (Sculpture)B2-4 (10x20)
    load-in: 7:00AM - B (Left)
  41. Don Reed (Oil/Acrylic)W63 (10x10)
    load-in: 8:00AM - A (Left)
  42. E. Douglas Wunder (Jewelry)E28 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - M (Right)
  43. Erica Regelin (Mixed Media 2D)W76 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - L (Right)
  44. Francesca Vitali (Jewelry)B41 (10x10)
    load-in: 8:00AM - G (Right)
  45. GM Webb (Sculpture)E59 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - D (Left)
  46. Giselle Kolb (Jewelry)B42 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - H (Right)
  47. Gregg Morris (Oil/Acrylic)W42 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - D (Right)
  48. Heather Cohen (Fiber - Wearable)W75 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - G (Left)
  49. Heidi Hess (Fiber - Wearable)W18 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - EE (Left)
  50. Henry Levine (Glass)W58 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - E (Right)
  51. Hillary Burkett (Jewelry)W34 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - B (Right)
  52. Jack Brumbaugh (Drawing/Pastels)W40 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - D (Right)
  53. Jason Sharp (Wood)E25 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - M (Left)
  54. Jay Kim (Metalwork)E75 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - C (Left)
  55. Jay Nielsen (Jewelry)E42 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - J (Right)
  56. Jeff Kuhlman  (Photography)W10 (10x10)
    load-in: 8:00AM - DD (Left)
  57. Jeff Pender (Drawing/Pastels)B10 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - B (Left)
  58. Jeff Schaller (Oil/Acrylic)W31 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - B (Left)
  59. Jeff Welti (Jewelry)W22 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - HH (Left)
  60. Jennifer Beaudoin Moffitt (Glass)B26 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - E (Left)
  61. Jennifer Becker (Drawing/Pastels)W32 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - B (Right)
  62. Jennifer Gardner (Drawing/Pastels)B27 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - E (Right)
  63. Jennifer McBrien (Fiber - Decorative)W71 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - J (Left)
  64. Jessica Joy (Fiber - Wearable)E84 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - A (Right)
  65. Jessica Ladd (Oil/Acrylic)E46 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - H (Right)
  66. Jessica McGrath (Jewelry)B16 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - D-1 (Left)
  67. Jessica Wilson-Thille (Jewelry)E61 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - E (Left)
  68. Jill Banks (Oil/Acrylic)B37 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - G (Right)
  69. Jill Wagoner (Fiber - Wearable)W54 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - F (Right)
  70. Joe Hiltabidel (Photography)B9 (10x10)
    load-in: 8:00AM - A (Right)
  71. Joel Anderson (Photography)B23 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - D (Right)
  72. John Deng (Photography)E77 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - B. (Left)
  73. John Pompeo (Oil/Acrylic)B35 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - F (Right)
  74. John Sterling (Wood)W28 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - A (Right)
  75. Jonathan Blum (Oil/Acrylic)E31 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - L (Left)
  76. Jordan Mansour (Wood)B17 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - C (Right)
  77. Joseph English (Graphics & Printmaking)B45 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - K (Right)
  78. Joshua Solomon (Glass)W73 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - K (Left)
  79. Joyce Lee (Oil/Acrylic)W35 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - C (Left)
  80. Julia Gilmore (Oil/Acrylic)W6 (10x10)
    load-in: 8:00AM - BB (Left)
  81. Julie Zahn (Mixed Media 2D)E30 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - L (Right)
  82. Jupi Das (Mixed Media 2D)E41 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - J (Left)
  83. Karen Clark (Jewelry)B11 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - C (Right)
  84. Kate Morgan (Mixed Media 2D)B46 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - J (Left)
  85. Keith Grace (Mixed Media 2D)W79 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - I (Left)
  86. KellyAnne Mifflin (Jewelry)E44 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - G (Right)
  87. Kevin Chen (Watercolor)W41 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - D (Left)
  88. Kevin Scheimreif (Mixed Media 3D)W33 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - B (Left)
  89. Kiersten Heitmann (Fiber - Decorative)W53-55 (10x20)
    load-in: 4:00AM - F (Left)
  90. Kim Schalk (Fiber - Wearable)E21 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - N (Left)
  91. Kristin Gereau (Fiber - Wearable)B5 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - A (Right)
  92. Kristin Moger (Drawing/Pastels)W15 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - EE (Right)
  93. LJ Eidolon (Digital Art)E54-56 (10x20)
    load-in: 7:00AM - E (Right)
  94. Lana Heckendorn (Ceramics)E80 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - B (Right)
  95. Lauern deSerres (Mixed Media 2D)B18 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - D (Left)
  96. Laura Oldham (Ceramics)E27 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - M (Left)
  97. Lila Turjanski-Villard (Sculpture)W27 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - A (Left)
  98. Lisa Green (Fiber - Wearable)E34 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - J (Right)
  99. Lisa Zolandz (Ceramics)B3 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - A (Right)
  100. Luis Enrique Gutierrez (Ceramics)E11 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - N (Left)
  101. Luis Gonzalez (Wood)B36 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - G (Left)
  102. M. Jane Johnson (Mixed Media 2D)B30 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - F2 (Left)
  103. Marie Gruber (Photography)W60 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - G (Right)
  104. Marilynne Bonner (Fiber - Wearable)W21 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - GG (Right)
  105. Marjolyn van der Hart (Digital Art)W74 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - K (Right)
  106. Marjorie Rawson (Jewelry)W12 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - DD (Left)
  107. Marshall Burns (Sculpture)W52 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - E (Right)
  108. Mary Barczak (Watercolor)B15 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - C (Right)
  109. Matthew Butterworth (Glass)E73 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - C (Left)
  110. Matthew Miller (Oil/Acrylic)B8 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - B (Left)
  111. Michael Alfano (Sculpture)W19 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - FF (Right)
  112. Michael Chen (Photography)W37 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - C (Left)
  113. Michael Cruz (Wood)B20 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - D-2 (Left)
  114. Michael Merriman (Mixed Media 3D)E23 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - N (Left)
  115. Michael Nemnich (Graphics & Printmaking)W44 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - E (Right)
  116. Michel Plumail (Jewelry)B6 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - B (Left)
  117. Michele Friedman (Jewelry)B40 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - G (Left)
  118. Mike Sluder (Metalwork)W65-66 (10x20)
    load-in: 4:00AM - H (Right)
  119. Mimi Hay (Fiber - Wearable)E47 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - F (Left)
  120. Nicario Jimenez (Mixed Media 3D)W61 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - F (Left)
  121. Oliver Schnoor (Jewelry)E67 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - D (Left)
  122. Pam Fox (Jewelry)E78 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - B (Right)
  123. Patrick Seufert (Oil/Acrylic)W51 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - F (Left)
  124. Paul Braun (Sculpture)B38 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - H (Left)
  125. Peggy Delauder (Glass)B19 (10x10)
    load-in: 8:00AM - C (Right)
  126. Petty Shepard (Fiber - Decorative)W20 (10x10)
    load-in: 8:00AM - EE (Left)
  127. R.C. Sanford (Wood)E49 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - G (Left)
  128. R. Michael Wommack (Oil/Acrylic)B31-33 (10x20)
    load-in: 4:00AM - F (Right)
  129. Randall Smith (Mixed Media 2D)E60 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - E (Right)
  130. Rezgar Mamandi (Mixed Media 3D)E43 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - H (Left)
  131. Richard Borden (Mixed Media 2D)E63 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - D (Left)
  132. Richard Hilgendorff (Photography)E32 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - L (Right)
  133. Richard Elkin (Jewelry)B44 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - J (Right)
  134. Rinal Parikh (Mixed Media 2D)W16 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - FF (Left)
  135. Rob Zane (Mixed Media 3D)B22 (10x10)
    load-in: 8:00AM - D (Left)
  136. Robert Caperell (Metalwork)E5 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - P (Left)
  137. Sandi Garris (Fiber - Decorative)B1 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - A (Right)
  138. Sarah Pollock (Oil/Acrylic)W80 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - H (Right)
  139. Scott Matyjaszek (Mixed Media 2D)W11 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - CC (Right)
  140. Selma Karaca (Fiber - Wearable)B21 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - E (Right)
  141. Shane Roach (Sculpture)W4 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - AA (Right)
  142. Shannon Brownlee (Ceramics)E82 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - GG (Right)
  143. Shanti Yard (Sculpture)E17-19 (10x20)
    load-in: 4:00AM - N (Left)
  144. Shekina Rudoy (Fiber - Wearable)W29 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - A (Left)
  145. Stephanie Lavender (Mixed Media 3D)W64 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - J (Right)
  146. Stephen Brehm (Oil/Acrylic)W9 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - DD (Left)
  147. Tanya Kirouac (Mixed Media 2D)B7 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - A (Right)
  148. Tanya Tyree (Sculpture)E36 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - K(Right)
  149. Tracey Timmons (Jewelry)W56 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - G (Right)
  150. Ummarid "Tony" Eitharong (Mixed Media 2D)E1-3 (10x20)
    load-in: 4:00AM - P (Left)
  151. Uzo Ezekwudo (Fiber - Wearable)W72 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - J (Right)
  152. Valerie Romano (Oil/Acrylic)E79 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - B (Right)
  153. Vered Yanay (Mixed Media 3D)W8 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - CC (Right)
  154. Wesley Rasko (Glass)W45-46 (10x20)
    load-in: 5:00AM - E (Left)
  155. William Kwamena-Poh (Watercolor)E74-76 (10x10)
    load-in: 5:00AM - K (Left)
  156. Wiwat Kamolpornwijit (Jewelry)E45 (10x10)
    load-in: 4:00AM - H (Left)
  157. Woody Smith (Wood)E58 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - F (Right)
  158. Yvonne Miller (Mixed Media 2D)W30 (10x10)
    load-in: 7:00AM - A (Right)
  159. Zenia Lis (Jewelry)W62 (10x10)
    load-in: 6:00AM - H (Right)